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Architect My Business (AMB) is a podcast for architects and designers in the AEC who are thinking of starting, already managing or want to take their business to the next level. Each episode is packed with simple, actionable tips on leadership, people, marketing, processes, and, of course, profit.

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Her Space, previously the “Architect My Life Podcast”, celebrates women in the AEC field.

Aya answers business questions from listeners in a brief 8-minute segment in Ask Aya.

Hi there, I’m Aya!

My company, MGS Global started as a part-time gig when I was a new mom, drafting for architects in New York City. Now, we serve small to large firms and publicly traded companies in retail and hospitality. From solo beginnings to leading a team of 45 and growing, I've learned a thing or two about making a business thrive.

I started Architect My Business – to share what I've learned and spotlight how others did it to help architects, designers, and entrepreneurs in the AEC to grow their businesses.

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