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Welcome to Architect My Business

with guest
Aya Shlachter
Feb 28, 2024 12:45 AM

Listen to the very first episode of Architect My Business - a business growth podcast for architects and designers. Drawing from personal experiences and lessons learned, Aya aims to fill the gap between mastering creativity and navigating the complexities of running a business, offering practical advice on leadership, marketing, processes, and profitability. With a focus on guiding listeners towards success, Architect My Business serves as a valuable resource for those seeking to thrive in the competitive world of architecture and design.

Mini Shows

Her Space

Women in Architecture: Firm Owners and Leaders

(Formerly Architect My Life)  Her Space, previously the “Architect My Life Podcast”, celebrates women in the AEC field. Aya chats with women leaders, firm owners, and change-makers, sharing their inspiring stories.

Ask Aya

Business Advice for Architects

Aya answers business questions from listeners in a brief 8-minute segment. Certain episodes also feature experts and leaders who provide more detailed perspectives.

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